Thursday, December 27, 2012

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Improve Traffic by facebook fan page

I have already discussed about optimizing your blog with post titles and also ways to optimize your website/blog for search engines. In today's article I want to explain about improving traffic for your site with facebook fan page. Read it and don't forget to comment below if you have any queries or suggestions.

Facebook has become a part of everyone’s daily life. We see many people are now on facebook who are sharing their ideas on social networks. Facebook not only helps people in reaching their friends but also you can utilize it for increasing your blog traffic.Yes, social networking sites will help you in growing your site traffic very easily. I recommend you to create a page for your site on facebook. It not only helps people in following your blog but also they will help people finding your blog easily. You need to put your new article links oin your page and help them in keep tracking your blog articles.

Why facebook page?

You know how famous is facebook_fan_page_for_SEOfacebook these days. I have seen that some people living in villages are also on facebook now. You can’t imagine the web world without facebook. So, people are looking for new things to know. If you put a link to your blog posts on facebook then it would appear on facebook and they can reach your blog very easily. If you have your own facebook page for your blog then it looks very professional to your readers. They just need to follow your page by liking it and they receive updates from your facebook page when you update it. So, create a page now for your blog and engage more audience through facebook.

Difference between facebook page and your profile page:

Facebook pages are used for your businesses, organisations, websites and many more where as a profile page is the one where you can use it for your own purpose. To get a professional look for your business and others you need to create a page. Facebook pages are better than using your profile page for blogs because facebook pages can have fans by liking your page and there is no restriction for the number of pages you have. Give your page a professional look by adding your site logo. Keep updating your page frequently to get more likes.

Secrets for SEO:

I will tell you how to bring all audience to your blog. Firstly, I want to remind you again that content is king in getting page ranks or building more audience which I’ve already discussed in my earlier posts about SEO. Don’t think that your blog gets high rank easily without content in it. Just maintain your site with all needed information in your niche. This only makes the readers to follow your blog. Think that if you are a reader who is searching for SEO tips on web and you found a site on google and you have entered that site to read about SEO, then if you find the information on that blog is not very much useful then you never go back to that blog to read again. Consider this into your mind and try to attract more readers with your articles. Don’t forget that first impression is the best. So make sure to put all good information on your blog.
I will discuss in later post about How to update your facebook fan page directly from your blog?

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Don’t hesitate to comment below. Ask your queries and give me suggestions below. I want to learn new things if you have a  anything to share.

Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
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