Saturday, December 8, 2012

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10 Future Inventions Everyone's Been Waiting For

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Yeah!!! How the technology has changed the world. People are interested to know what’s happening next. We have many new inventions that totally changed the worlds face. What we have now are very great to those of 1950’s. The people at those times never thought of the world today. There are many inventions made today. We have a small size tablet PC now which was a huge box in those days. I mean the computers of those days were in big sizes. But now the computer can be held in our arms. That’s how the world changed today. We always want to have our work more easier than now, and this reason helped in new inventions. Here I have pointed out 10 future inventions that everyone is been waiting for. I think people are mostly waiting for these 10 inventions.

10: The Driverless Car

9: The Flying Car

8: The Underwater City

7: Robot Maids

6: Ticket to Mars

5: Food-in-a-pill

4: Personal Jetpacks

3: The Air-conditioned Suit

2: Atomic-powered Homes

1: A Computer That's Smarter Than a Human.

And what do you think are most important inventions people looking for?

Share if you have any new idea or for what invention are you waiting for?

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Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
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