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Trick to Use Facebook with your Basic Mobile without internet

Today everyone who have a basic knowledge of facebook has account on facebook. Facebook became a part in our daily life. People who have addicted to facebook always wants to know the updates of their friends and they will comment on their friends posts and also wants to like them. But what if they don’t have a mobile with internet. Here is a great trick for them.
I don’t have a mobile with internet connectivity i.e., I use a basic mobile. You know that facebook needs an internet connection to use it. But I still use facebook to update my status and even like my friends posts and also comment on them. Is it enough for you to use your facebook with basic mobile or you need more features for this.
Exactly, I think the above features are enough for you. But still you can use many more other features on your basic mobile. This app is provided by txtWeb. txtWeb has many apps and this is a free SMS app for all types of mobile handsets.
Yes, Now you can Access facebook with just a single SMS.

How To start using facebook on your mobile?

To link this app to your Facebook profile. You have to follow two simple steps and you are done.
Step 1.  Login to your facebook account first.
Step 2. Now Click this link to register with your mobile facebook App on txtWeb.
After you click the above link a new page will be opened as shown in the following screen shot.
Click on the image to view large size.
Access facebook without internet
Now click onfacebookband
After you click on “Login to your Facebook account”, a new page is opened as shown
Click on the image to view large size.
facebook on basic mobile In this page click on “Go To App”
 facebook on basic mobile11
Now a page is opened as shown below.
Click on the image to view large size.
facebook on basic mobile1
Now click “Allow”
facebook on basic mobile12
Here is your second step to finish your registration.
Click on the image to view large size.
Free facebook tricks, use free without internet
In the above image you can see a 10 digit Registration number. Please type @fb.reg in your mobile and give a single space then enter your registration number after that and send an SMS to the number given below that.
How to send(Example)?
SMS @fb.reg<space> your 10 digit registration number to 9243342000
You are done!

Features of @fb App:

I have discussed only three main features of this application. But here are few more features from which you can use this app to fulfill all your basic needs that you use on facebook.
Complete Access to your Facebook account with just an SMS:
Use facebook on your mobile:
SMS @fb to 9243342000
and start enjoying Facebook
without Internet on your mobile.

  • You can know your friends birthdays and you can wish them easily with txtWeb’s facebook app. You will get an update on your mobile if any of your friends have their birthday or you can also find it by just sending an SMS @fb.bday to 9243342000.
Update your status:
  • With this app you can easily share your feelings with your facebook friends by updating your status by just sending an SMS @fb <your message> to 9243342000
Get notification:
  • You can now get your facebook notifications on your basic mobile through SMS, i.e., you can find out whatever notifications you have on your facebook profile. To know your notifications simply SMS @fb.notify to 9243342000
Read Wall posts:
You can read wall posts of your friends and your own by sending SMS @fb.wall. To read your friend’s wall SMS @fb.wall<space>friend name as on facebook.
You can also View, Like and Write Comments:
  1. You will have the options like Viewing, liking and also commenting on your friends status messages.
  • Totally you can
  • Update your status,
  • Read wall posts,
  • Read comments,
  • Like comment and status,
  • Get notifications,
  • Find friends update
  • Wish friends on Birthdays
And lot more…

Why this app should be used?

No spam in your Inbox. Get updates only when you want it. No premium SMS charges.
txtWeb apps are FREE:
No premium SMS charges to use it.

No app download:
No need to download any special apps to use this application.
No internet required:
As I told before this app doesn’t require internet connection. It needs National/Local SMS on your mobile.
TxtWeb is 100% secure. Your Mobile number remains private. TxtWeb nor anyone
has access to your Facebook or SMS data.

Last word:

You can just Imagine txtWeb as 'Internet on SMS'
txtWeb provides FREE sms based apps for all types of phones. No internet required.
For example, try this: SMS @news to 9243342000 and get latest news updates via sms.

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Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
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