Saturday, September 15, 2012

Very Funny Quotes, Pictures and funny child photo

English vinglish, funny english of a boy with his girlfriend., boys english, girls english, grammatical errors funny.English vinglish, funny english, boys english, girls english, grammatical errors funny

Petrol Rates hiked, Funny picture of locking petrol tankPetrol Rates hiked, Funny picture of locking petrol tank

Engineering student's funny image...Mothers pride, Son's rocket ride...Engineering student's funny image...Mothers pride, Son's rocket ride...

Funny Joke, Who is chandra guptha mourya... tudent funny answer...Funny Joke, Who is chandra guptha mourya... tudent funny answer...

Students while going to school and coming back to homeStudents while going to school and coming back to home

Funny kid image. Stethoscope as ear phonesFunny kid image. Stethoscope as ear phones


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beautiful Nature Wallpapers

Hi Friends, I have collected a various pictures of nature from the web. Here is a huge collection of wallpapers for you. Enjoy.


5 Best Websites to Find Jobs Worldwide.

As you have already seen my post earlier about earning money online without investment. I have given you the ways of earning money by form filling, ad posting etc in my earlier posts. There is also a way to earn money online with your blogs. If you have great writing skills and want to start a blog just read this post on introduction to blogging.

It’s very difficult to find jobs in these days. That’s why people are looking for self-employment. You would be lucky to find even an office job that pays very less. And you feel even more luckier if you could get job in your home town. The competition has grown up in getting a decent job. But the number of job’s is not increased. Everyone doesn’t get job they are best suited for. Instead they get some other jobs without satisfaction or even no chance of getting any job. This is due to lack of efficiency in finding a right job for them.

Here are 5 best websites for you which will help you finding a job that are relevant to your desired profession. There are too many platforms to find people relevant to your job profile. But I want discuss about only 10 such platforms to find jobs worldwide. These websites will help you find a best job for thus making a better living.

1.Monster is a best job searching website in the world as it serves most of the countries in the world giving the best results of all jobs. It allows you to search jobs internationally around the world. You can build your resume by creating a home page for you to be visible to your employers.

2. IndeedIndeed

Indeed is also one of the best job searching website for you to get job results around the world. It is a job search engine because it not only shows the job results of its own site but also list of jobs that found on other job websites. You should try this website for sure because it is one of the best search engine for jobs.

3. CareerBuilder.comcareerbuilder is a job posting website which has many job postings to choose. You can search for jobs on this site from various categories that are available for you. This site allows you to show up your resume on other sites also. You have to try this site as this site also provide you the job alert facility with the jobs matching your profile, which can be helpful to you to get a dream job.

4. LinkedIn.comLinkedIn-Logo is a social networking site. I think most of you might be aware of this social website. This site is a best platform to meet new friends and great professionals. This site will help you in sharing your ideas, experiences with relevant people online. And finally I want to say that this site is not only made for social networking but it also helps you very much in finding a right job for you. This is all done easily on this site because you meet people relevant to your talent who are already working in company or left the company you are searching for. So this might help you in building good references. So be professional on LinkedIn and meet new people to get a job now.  

5. is not as much big as that of the sites that have been discussed above. But it looks very interesting and simply best site to find jobs here because of its features. Really this site is having the best features that allows you to make your own resume, search for jobs according to categories. you can even add jobs to the job map, research job profiles, employers details and their history.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Some Funny Quotes (Telugu And English) and Bramhi’s Funny images to share on Facebook.

Old, New, Latest and Our ConceptsWhat to Do Our Concept Don’t Die until you do. Do or Die. Latest Concept Do before you Die. New Concept Old Concept By Bhanu Goud For more Like us on facebook

A humble request to girls on facebook… Share it guys… But remember girls, this just for fun and be careful with your profiles on facebook…386998_10151223408529810_933017201_n

This is what girls are made up of… Jealousy is their policy… 400887_175148642610495_1909985825_n

Bramhi’s funny stills. Bramhanandam’s funny stills…bramhi


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Facebook Funny Pictures To share with friends

Funny status on Facebook by Galileo, Shakespeare, Graham Bell and Rajinikanth rocking comment.543368_334634869931951_111745022220938_1009864_551744883_n Funny Vehicle, Funny Auto with a funny engine and body… Petrol in cool drink bottle. Driver seat is just a normal plastic chair.530079_263005320449963_262368497180312_585786_1847814938_n Wooden Cycle, Funny… Must share530396_184070131714049_100003331905892_283809_1821279796_n New shoe, now you can use it as sandals also.535257_335123183216453_111745022220938_1011737_1826262006_nVery funny  Safety lock for your cellphone536668_311347925616836_100002248928299_736039_31596464_n Funny children riding sports bike.545280_359818987412350_780951788_n


Introducing Blogger Tips and Tricks.

clickmyblog3.blogspot Hi friends, what do you think of having your own website or blog. You might be interested in blogging but don’t know how to start/how to maintain your blog. But here is the solution for you. Make your own blog/website and also earn through them.

Now I want to share my Blogging experience with you. I’m blogging since 2 years and had a lot of problems experienced in that. Still I’m learning more about blogging. Here I will share you my ideas about blogging. I found many obstacles in blogging. I experienced many doubtful situations which made me to search on google for those. There are many websites that are useful to bloggers to find answers to their questions that arise while blogging. So now I want to start explaining you about blogging tips and tricks. With this now you can find solution for all blogging problems that you face. For example, if you try to change your blog template and you don’t know how to do that then just come visit this blog and you may find a solution for that.

Why Blogging?

Share your feelings:

Blogging is the way of expressing your feelings, experiences, reviews or some other things with the world through internet. You can share your experiences, ideas with the readers. You can increase your readers with attractive articles. So that the readers must come back to your blog to read other articles.

Improve your writing Skills:

Blogging improves your writing skills in whichever language you prefer to write well. You will have great skills in your writing when you start blogging. Blogging is a way where you can ensure perfection in your writing skills.

Earning Money:

Blogging is also one of the ways to earn money.  There are many people who are earning money just blogging. It is a best idea to earn money through blogs, if you have a good content with you to share on your blog. However it is not so easy to earn with your blogs. Because there are certain limitations that you will be coming to know in my future articles. When you want to earn with your blog your article needs to be unique from others and you should get enough traffic to your site. Getting high traffic to your sites will be explained in detail to you in upcoming articles.

You can use free blogging sites such as blogger or wordpress. You may feel easy to use blogger rather than wordpress. I don’t have much experience over wordpress, I have been using blogger for all my blogs. This is what the reason to share the tips related to blogger. If you have any doubts regarding blogging with blogger, please feel free to ask in the comment box below. I’ll surely solve it.

Having any questions or doubts regarding blogging. Whatever the question you may have just click my blog is the solution for that. Raise your questions here and I’ll respond to you.

Get great looks to your Blogs with click my blog tutorials. Have a Nice Day. :)