Sunday, March 31, 2013

Xenon Blogger Template Download

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This template is designed by FabThemes and is converted to Blogger by NBT. It is a 2 column template with a left sidebar.

Important Features:

Very good look with two columns. 
Left sidebar
Footer columns
Post thumbnails on home page with Auto Read More Link.

Browser Compatibility:

This template is compatible with Mozilla, IE and Google Chrome.


Facebook introducing Smart Lists

Facebook has introduced a new concept called smart lists with which you can easily share your things with your friends of specific list. Smart lists automatically update themselves with coworkers, classmates, local friends and family members based on your friends' profile info.

What Are Lists?

List is new feature now introduced on facebook. This feature enables you a quick, optional way to organize friends so you can control what you see in your News Feed and post updates to specific people.

Facebook won't tell your friends if you add them to these three new lists:
Close Friends: Your best friends, who should show up more in News Feed.
Acquaintances: Friends who should show up less in News Feed.
Restricted: Friends who can only see posts and profile info you make public.

Smart Lists:

You also have smart lists that update automatically based on your friends' profiles to save you time.

Friends who worked with you.
Friends who attended school with you.
Friends who live in or near the current city on your profile.
Relatives you are friends with on Facebook.

Share with Just the Right People:

Post your updates straight to the friends and family who will find them most interesting, without worrying about bothering anyone else.

A News Feed of Your Closest Friends:

Go straight to photos and updates from the friends you care about most. Skip the news from acquaintances you don't know well.



Wednesday, March 20, 2013

UnderFire Blogger Template

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UnderFire Blogger Template is designed by fabthemes.
This is a free blogger template.
NewBloggerThemes has designed this theme for wordpress and is converted to Blogger by fabthemes.

The main features of this template are:

Very good look with a slider, two coloumns with a right sidebar, footer columns and post thumbnails.

Browser Compatibility:

This template is compatible with Mozilla, IE and Google Chrome.

How to change Image Slider?

You can change the slider images by just replacing the image URL's.


Monday, March 18, 2013

5 Idiotic ways you can promote your blog

Hi friends, We already discussed about promoting or improving traffic to our blogs through social networking sites like facebook fan page. I also discussed about optimizing blogs for SEO.
Here are 5 ways that can bring you traffic to your blog. Well, all these 5 ways look very idiotic too. However, they will surely help you getting huge visitors to your blog. I have been collecting information from web and my blogging friends to get heavy traffic to my blogs. One of my friend had advised me to write my blog's URL on the RTC bus seat. Recently I have seen other advertisements about different websites in buses and even the bus stops. Then I kept thinking of different ways to promote my blog. I will clearly explain you the 5 different ways to promote your blog most idiotically for which you will laugh at yourself.
I think you might not have used these idiotic promotions ever in your blogging life before.
You may laugh at these tricks but some of the point you will like them surely and implement them in your real life. Because you will come to know that these 5 points will help you better for free and funny promotion of your business and blogs.

5 Most Idiotic Ways To Promote Your Blog For Free

College/RTC buses:

I already told that one of my friend had advised me to write my blog's URL on the RTC bus seat. I thought it very funny but we have been seeing many advertisement posters in buses. Even I experienced many posters in buses when I travel. Most of them would be "How to Earn Money" or "Work from home". Not always only these two advertisements, there are many other ADS found in buses. So even you can use these places to fill up with your blog or business URL's.

Bus Stops:

 Bus stops are also the best places to promote your blogs. We usually find huge public over bus stops during morning and evening hours. Students, Employees and other commuters usually wait at bus stops for buses. So you can use them as your platforms to advertise your blogs.

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College Benches:

We actually use our college benches to sit and to keep your books on the desks. I have seen my college benches had something written on them. Some people used them to express their love and some people filled them with great quotes, whereas some other have decorated them with designs and arts and some friends made them ugly with their pens.
I want to share my funny experience about College Benches. When we had our examination time some of my friends would enter into the examination hall before the exam starts and they used their benches to write answers that they guessed would come in exam paper. Some friends got caught by the squads too.

From all the above funny experiences I got an idea to share my blog URL on the College Benches.

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 Public Toilets:

Don't laugh now. This is really very idiotic when compared to the all the above. But we see many jokes, funny quotes, phone numbers and even website URL's written on the walls. Then why don't you use them to advertise you blogs. Don't hesitate. Just look back, right and left so that no one see you when you write yours. Hahaha LOL.

Dusty Car Windows:

Sometimes you might have seen dusty car glasses that have something written on them.Get your Blog URL written on them and let publicize your blog free over it.

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Last words:

I think some of you might feel it idiotic and funny but this will really help you better. Try these tricks. Think different from others. If you have some other ideas that are idiotic or professional. Please share them with us. For more Tricks and Tips for SEO and Traffic to your blogs please keep visiting this blog.


Find link of Facebook Status

Here is a great trick to find out the link of a facebook status. You may have a situation that you want to know the link of your friend's fb status to share it. This trick will help you better when you have that situation.
Most situations when we need the status link:
Sometimes you like your friend's status and you want to share that link on your wall.
Or Some other situations that you need a link of that status for any other reason.

Ok, now let me explain the steps in brief.

You will find the date/time of the status or post just below the post.
  1. Now right click on the date or the time that the Facebook post was written.
  2. Copy the link address.
  3. That's it. Now you can share this link by posting it on your wall or view the post by pasting it in your browser's address bar.
 The image 1 shows the date and time the post has been published.

 Image 1.

Image 2 shows How to copy the link address.

Image 2.

Image 3 shows this link that is pasted in browser address bar.

Image 3.