Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Windows Send To menu Trick

send to Hi friends, I am back with a new trick for your windows operating system. Commonly you use “Right click'” to copy and paste any files or folders or you may be using “CTRL+C” to copy and “CTRL+V” to paste them. Now you can customize your SEND TO menu which you will find on a right click. You will find it very easier than copy and pasting, and is an easier process which you can do it in a minute.
The following are the steps involved in customizing your send to menu:
  • First you need to make all your hidden files to visible by clicking on
Tools—>Folder options—>then click on view on the tab menu—>now select show hidden files and folders.
  • Now go to C:\Documents and Settings\user name\send to
  • Open My computer and select most used folders.
  • Create a shortcut of the most used folders in SEND TO FOLDER.You can do this in different ways.
They are:

    1. Right click -> send to desktop(create shortcut) and move the shortcut from the desktop to the C:\Documents and Settings\user name\send to
    2. Copy the most used folder and go to C:\Documents and Settings\user name\send to and right click --> paste shortcut.
  • Don’t forget to rename the shortcuts as send to videos, send to photos.
  • Now enjoy the trick by following this steps.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Online Radio Player

free music


Funny pics

267470_224476704253006_141245005909510_705858_2656261_n 419638_267821183286758_122892394446305_629061_2140897644_n clean streets funny FUNNY INDIAN MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT indian funny footwear indian-funny-jokes-713914  Indian-Women-Vs-Policerailway-funny  Very-Very-Funny-Computer-Table-Funny-Picture mHFJ1Xvk1U


Docomo trick to reduce call rates 2012

Hi friends,
You have been reading tricks GPRS for your mobiles. I think you read my article for docomo call me tunes 2012. That trick is working on mobile and in this article I am going to explain the procedure for reducing your call rates on docomo. This trick not a new one and few of you might be aware of this trick. This trick is still working but I am not using it now. So you too try this trick.
This trick works for Docomo users who activate this trick. That means your call rate will be reduced for calling people who already activated this service(valid for docomo only).
Steps to follow:
Send an sms JOIN to 121(tollfree).
You will get 50sms free for local and national.
Call charges for docomo will be 1ps/6sec and 1ps/sec for other networks. I think 60ps would be charged for 1st call.
Note: I am mostly sure this trick will work. I am not using it now, but I used it before. So try it at your own risk.


Free call me tunes on Docomo for june 2012

Hi friends,
docomoI am bringing you a cool trick for your docomo. Now you can use this trick on your docomo mobile for free call me tunes. This trick is found to be working in all states.. If you are using docomo then you are lucky for reading this article.
Now let me explain the procedure for activating this free trick on your docomo mobile.

Please follow the steps given below:
  • Dial this toll free number 550552.
  • Follow the steps provided by the system voice.
  • Now your docomo is activated with call me tunes, free for 10days.
To get it again after 10days just follow these steps.
  • On the 10th day just dial 155223 to deactivate the call me tune.
  • Wait for 10-20minutes and follow the steps given to activate it.
  • Then your call me tune is reactivated.
  • You can enjoy this trick for lifetime without paying them.
Note: Be sure to deactivate without fail on 10th day after activation and for your safety I beleive to keep your balance low during activation.


Cute and funny kids

530713_333916600003778_111745022220938_1007556_1479786499_n 431230_122302017892576_100003383342097_96944_1249908992_n 432229_369760839710558_299764010043575_1430617_676353384_n 476454_193800574070307_100003210987590_309444_1844407426_o 485741_358624470854457_100001207210310_1081017_1027449589_n 524564_330482963684127_324789320920158_760844_1516125549_n 526028_334479379947500_610938832_n 527777_334524819942956_111745022220938_1009583_896987566_n 528859_221260434642751_216784965090298_323163_1922603706_n

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Trick for photos in facebook chatbox

Hi friends, This post is about the trick to can put a picture into your facebook chat box.

Header-Banner copy Let me explain me you the procedure how to put images in facebook chat box. With this trick you can send pictures in your facebook chatbox while chatting with your friends. This needs a code related to the particular image that is to be inserted in chat box.

  • First open this page Fb Chat Animations on facebook.
  • Click on Like button of that page.
  • Upload your image on that page with a request to the admin of that page to create a code for yourself.
  • Then wait for your code to be done by the admin.

Note: You should use only your picture to get your code. Don’t try to use the pictures of others.

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Create facebook fake status

Hi friends, in this post is I am going to explain you how to create fake status on facebook. This trick will be amazing and you can shock your friends. A simple way to implement this trick is by just following the easy steps using a facebook application.


  • In the very first step open this link Wall Machine and click on connect button Untitled-1 copy




  • Now this page will be opened as shown in the below image. Then click on Go to App.


  • Then click Allow or Skip.


  • Now you can edit the name, status, comments, like and pictures as your like.

Untitled-1 copy

  • Click on the name, comments, pictures etc. to edit those options as your wish. Click on the like button and edit the name and what ever you like to change.
  • The last step is to save the fake status using save button.

Keep smiling…. Visit this site for more tricks and other info… Thanks.


Free 3G Data Trick for MTS Mblaze 2012

Hi friends, I have posted airtel(Airtel 3G  2012| get free 3G access on airtel | free aitel internet) and bsnl(Unlimited free GPRS tricks for BSNL 3G | BSNL 2012) tricks before. In this post I will explain you the trick for MTS MBlaze. You can use this trick to get free 150MB data. To get get this free data on your MBlaze just follow these steps.
  • First go to MTS website.
  • After clicking on MTS link, you will find below image on left side in MTS website. Click on Get Free Data.
  • Now just enter your name, email and mobile number and submit it.
  • You will receive an email with details for claiming the Free Data usage for your MBlaze.
  • Now check your balance.
To check your balance Start Mblaze, go to Settings> Mode(change to hybrid)> Apply.
Reconnect Modem > Settings>Check My Balance Button.
Enjoy this Free Data Usage for MBlaze.


cute pitures of small babies| kids

427773_128985333896233_100003543004662_113502_11408699_n 389222_340852832641742_100001510852216_1008254_938247164_n 398774_340852522641773_100001510852216_1008252_652327278_n 398870_135307723265940_100003601381191_146666_821183474_n 408113_236752836408335_100002208621836_527185_289310592_n 419124_234660053291458_100002423945722_495029_471661201_n 419427_287405694660847_100001742571934_686862_1040214823_n 422305_352296664790309_299764010043575_1382210_2004928266_n 424028_272327376175595_100001950053319_639319_658112381_n
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Cute & Funny Pictures of Children

 4377359_142220889212525_130933677007913_141534_1973622227_n 62591_170816336374542_100003385302995_235459_1010957323_n 149382_210349359076708_100003049352762_327111_1723815227_n 292134_331946030196742_327878633936815_918879_1081208501_n 292236_225695984199196_216784965090298_329363_1758492732_n 292676_225046234264171_216784965090298_328544_795957966_n 308238_159229554165978_100002368025759_323982_1537741445_a 317374_142141959220418_1660534967_n

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Anushka Wallpapers

Anushka (4) 431170_124688257658172_100003509944567_99504_1108908667_n 432214_110183289108669_100003509944567_37030_152404793_n 537517_172273439566320_100003509944567_243121_484094130_n 541639_140330142760650_1101624624_n 578666_168106156649715_1615205358_n anushka Anushka Anushka (2) ANUSHKA (3)

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