Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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Start Blogging in 2013 to Earn Money

Are you a good content writer? Do you want to earn money with your content writing? Then this is the right time to start blogging. We are not going to predict your future here. But we are going to discuss about starting your new life with blogging. Blogging is a way of expressing your thoughts with the world and sharing them with the people over internet. And more over a blog is a best platform to earn money.

When you are a good writer and have good niche to share why can’t you start blogging. Blogging is a fast growing platform to earn but with heavy competition like other jobs.

Why only 2013?

If you are eager to start a blog to earn money or for any other reason 2013 is right for you. You might be wanted to know why only 2013?
Because what you want to do, do it today. Start it now. Time is valuable and we don’t know what happens next. If you are a dedicated person and want to earn with simple written skills. Blogging is no more a just another hobby now. Blogging is fast becoming a source of income for many people and even students of age 18 onwards. They are some people who have taken up blogging part-time while some other are doing it full time.
To start a blog one have to choose a right informative topic to write. Generally, many users read articles on technology, smart phone applications, earning money online, blogging tips etc.
Start your blog but do it fast when you are perfect in and dedicated to what you want to write. Start blogging now because

Competition in blogging.

Increase More Content.

Changes in Google Adsense Terms.

Get more chances for page ranking.

Create your own image on web.

Let users know about your blog.

Chances to earn higher.

Now let’s figure out these points in detail.

Competition in blogging:

Blogging has become a source for earning money as well as expressing views. So youngsters are now focusing on blogging to earn. Blogging has a great opportunities to earn while sitting at home and writing content and placing ads on your site. Even students are turning into bloggers by writing content. So it has very competition for blogging. Students, youngsters, working people, house wives etc working in their spare times for writing on blogs. They work on their own blogs or they write for other’s blogs for paid salaries. So you need to start as soon as possible because your blog will get known to the world very soon and you can even challenge your competitiveness in the blogging world.

Increase More Content:

As we discussed in the earlier point that you will be known to the world sooner if you start blogging soon. The other reason why you have to start your blog in 2013 is because you will get a chance to write more content if you start writing soon. So you can maintain more content compared to what you do after starting it later. Hence your content increases on your blog and there are more chances to get page ranks for your content because page ranks also depends on what you write and how much content your blog has. If you start now you can make your blog content more high in few days depending upon your posting. However starting your blog and not writing any posts will not show any effect on your blog’s content or page ranks, so I recommend you to write posts regularly i.e., daily or thrice or even twice a week.

Changes in Google Adsense Terms:

Now lets talk about placing ads on your blog. Today adsense is the best way to place ads on your blog or website. Adsense is a service which provides bloggers(publishers) to put ads on their sites and also helps advertisers to publish their ads on blogs for money. Many bloggers are using adsense to earn money from blogs because adsense pays the best. But adsense approval is very difficult. It has many conditions and policies that are to be followed by the publishers. Your blog should have good page rank and should not have any copy righted content to use adsense on your site. Adsense is provided by google so they look your blog every time for these conditions. Because google has robots which detects everything about the adsense users. They approve adsense applications only after 6 months from starting your blog. If you start your blog sooner you can reach this condition and also you can get good page rank. Getting good page rank is however a difficult task.
Google also changing their conditions frequently because of fraudulent clicks on ads and for some other reasons. So it is good to start your blog soon to get rid of their new policies now to get approved soon.

Get more chances for page ranking:

Start your blog soon and write on your content in your blog so that search engines can find your content and your blog gets a chance to be visible on search engines followed that your blog has a good content without any copied matter in it and also good keywords that match the search. If this is fulfilled by your blog then your blog can reach the audience on search engines with a good page rank.

Create your own image on web:

If you start your blog soon and you publicize it on social sites and forums then you can get more audience into your blog. If they are satisfied with your content then they will surely come back to your blog and your blog will get regular readers creating a good image on the web. Starting your blog very soon can give you best results because you can reach your audience earlier.

Let users know about your blog:

We discussed in the previous section that you can create a brand image soon. Hence the readers can know about your blog and they may also talk about your blog if it is informative to them. Like this your blog will be well known to all netizens soon.

Chances to earn higher:

Out of all things that are specified above, if you want to earn money with your blog then this is the right time for you to start it now itself. After reading all the points mentioned in the above sections you can know that all those points will help you in the growth of your blog traffic. And I also mentioned that more traffic gives you more chances to earn money. From all these you can easily earn more money by placing ads on your blog.
Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
Hey friends, I am Bhanu Chander a Web Designer/Developer, Content writer, Freelance SEO analyst and a blogger. I am pursuing my M.Tech in Computer Science and Engg. You can contact me on for web design solutions at low cost with effective SEO.