Thursday, January 10, 2013

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What is a blog?

Blog is just like a website where a person can share his/her ideas with the readers. Blog can be of many types based on the information or content it has in it. For example is my blog which i have created to share my opinions with you on different categories like blogging, blogger tricks, blogger templates wallpapers, funny photos, facebook tricks, money earning tricks etc., and later i had an idea to share about job information, important notifications which may help people to find their proper destination. I think that an idea may look small but when it is helpful to any person then they will remind us in their lifetime.
 Some people have mailed me asking what is a blog, so today i'am giving a description on blogs from the knowledge whatever i know. I will also provide you the information on blogs and how to run blogs in future but today's post is all about blogs. If possible i will also post you the things about new gadgets and technology trends.
I want to share my ideas with people about web, blogs, technology and everything new. Ok, now let's know things about a blog. In a simple word a blog is a personal diary of your's which can be published on web where people can find you. There are many people working just on their blogs and earning. They are now famous on the web. You will become very familiar and you would be known to the world who you are; by blogging. Blogging not hard to begin, but the main problem is to maintain it. It takes lot of knowledge to maintain a blog. You dont need of having knowledge of html or javascript but a little of that knowledge may helpful to you to maintain your blog.
I'am currently using my blog on platform.
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Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
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