Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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5 different fields that yield you a good job

1.Health care:
"Health is wealth" is not only a proverb but that's a truth. Today there has been a great change in the fields of Health care. Due to the technology and revolution in science there are more chances to get into Health sector as it needs most efficient people to bring new changes that help in health field. So, health care have more chances to provide more jobs.

Everyone knows the movie "ROBOT" by superstar Rajani Kanth. We have seen how a Robot will work in that movie. Apart from the movie when it comes to the real from from that of the reel life, today we have many robots that are working in factories. Now a days robots are made to work as a man. It needs a lot of programming to make robot to work. Many industries are now looking for robots to assign some work to them instead of human beings. So the industries are trying to get good results from robots. The industries are looking for some other alternatives that can replace a man to work in their companies. If robots are made to work, then it doesn't guarantee that it provides a perfect result to us(As in the ROBOT movie). Industries need Robots with new features which are able to see, hear & sense the feelings. They are waiting for those robots which can be an alternative to a human being, are to be developed. So the robotics needs challenging people who can develop and maintain robots in future.

3.Computer graphics:
Computer graphics are employed in many industries. For any designing company or any other industry Computer graphics is one of the major essential part. For example CAD, CAI has a great demand in the market in the fields of production & cinema industry.


4.Information Technology:
Information technology is the other industry where you can find many jobs. We see today's world is nothing without computers.We know how important a computer is in our life.

5.Biotechnology/genetic engineering:
More opportunities for science background candidates like engineering, chemical, biology subject with any degree holding candidates.
Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
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