Thursday, January 10, 2013

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Blogging through windows live

Blogging isn’t easy always online. So now we can use windows live for simple blogging offline.

Now i had windows live and i’m using it offline. I suggest bloggers to use windows live. I’m new to blogspot and now i’m learning the different ways of blogging. I came to know about windows live and i have downloaded a free copy of the software from windows live essentials and now i’m posting this article from windows live.

imageBlogging is not easy as it requires your valuable time. Spending online for more hours is somewhat difficult for us. When you can’t spend more time online for blogging, then you will search for an alternativa way. If you are trying for the same then you are on the correct place where you will be getting a good idea for blogging new ways. I have found that offline blogging is better for me and i think you will also find it better when you get into windows live.

Here you can also find a good environment for blogging. It’s just posting while you are offline.

I think you may get a doubt. How can we blog offline?

yes that’s made easy through windows live essentials. You can do it when you are offline just by opening windows live writer. Here you will experience a blogger friendly environment with all easy steps of blogging. You have to write your articles in windows writer and you can publish it online by your username and password.

The main advantage of live writer is that it can be used on any platforms such as blogger, wordpress etc. You can even add more than a single blog to your live editor and you can work on your different blogs at a same time with windows live writer. You can do better of your blogging here.

Then why late…

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Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
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