Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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Why every freelance worker wants to be a blogger?

Freelancing and writing a blog are among the many ways you can make money online. We have been discussing about the earning tips and blogging tips on this blog. But the dilemma is, which one is better among freelancing and blogging? Sure, they both equally have their benefits and drawbacks, but the simple fact is, they are significantly interdependent on each other. Most freelance workers are now ambitious to become blog writers/authors at some stage or an additional. Why? Simply because it's their need to have an extra hour to get some money! So the question is, should they really need to get started blogging as a career?

Free lance work is ever more challenging the existence of running a blog, which is why a bunch of Freelancers are now blog owners as well. Here i will discuss why you need to blog if you are a freelance worker.

A much easier way to get yourself recognized

Running a blog allows freelancers a chance to represent themselves on a entire new stage. Why don't we face it? The idea of talking about yourself in only two lines in a profile is just silly. Therefore, when you are going to apply for a outsourcing job, that is when a blog comes in handy. Besides your bio and portfolio, you can add a link to your blog. Now, you can dive into into the wide strength of a blog site, and present them your complete work. You can display things that's not even relevant to the job you've looking for. This makes a genuinely optimistic impact, which is why a lot of freelancers are now beginning to blog.

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More credibility

Recognized blog writers have credibility. They have connections with expert people, and they have obtained a name(credibility) for themselves, and therefore acquired some reputation. They are also energetic on social media. Now free-lance clients always have a preference for offering a task to a person who appears to be real enough, and to whom they can get in touch with via several options in case of an urgent situation.

Bloggers are prioritized

Bloggers, and people on the web presence are usually prioritized. This is for the reason that bloggers are  likely to have a greater point of view on elements particularly related to the internet, and they are open to thoughts. Many blog writers even have a talent about web understanding, web designing, operating with graphics, and so on. Therefore, in tasks that require various skill-sets, bloggers are chosen as their knowledge can quickly be evaluated from the blogs they deal with.

Something new to study

Previously mentioned all, blogging and site-building isn't only about publishing. It's a lot much more than writing and publishing. Freelancers or people today who really don't have a idea about web design can start out blogging. But along the way, they get to learn new points, and new technologies like as HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX and PHP. And these are beneficial skills to have, and increases the wide range of jobs they can bid for.

Supplemental source for income

Now when it comes to the money, we have already discussed about making money from a blog. Writing a blog can establish a considerable source of income if performed with hard work and dedication. A freelance worker does not know if he will find work for next time or not.

But to a blogger who has set up a blog, this isn't an issue. Income from blogs is more efficient, which is why running a blog looks to freelancers like a normal workplace job, but can be done at home or even from anywhere and anytime.
When it comes to running a blog vs freelancing, both offer genuine chances. But why not consider the benefits of the two if you can? Searching for the opportunities bloggers have, it's no question to point out. So more and more freelance workers are approaching over to this practice. If you are a freelancers, then it absolutely would be a excellent concept to at least try it out. All the best.

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Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
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