Wednesday, September 11, 2013

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How to add Contact Form Widget to blogger Official Plugin

At last Blogger has came with a contact form widget. When our readers want to contact us it seems to be difficult without a contact form on blogger blog. But now blogger has introduced a widget to add a contact form on our blogger sidebar. However you can also customize the contact form. Don't you think it got easy to your readers with this widget. Here I have explained you how to add it to your blogger blog.

Why Blogger Contact Form:

Most of blogger blogs commonly have a page where the user has to contact the author through mail id. In this traditional blogger contact page the have to reveal his mail id to his users and the users have to contact through the mail. Some bloggers also use third party contact forms on their blogs. But with this new blogger widget the user can easily contact the author through a simple form where he can enter his name, mail id and message.
More importantly if you need any help, suggestions, feedback from your readers then you need to have a contact form on your blog.

How to add contact form to blogger?

Here are simple steps to add a contact form to your blogger blog.

1. First Login to your Blogger Dashboard and go to the Layout page.
2. On the sidebar, click on the Add Gadget link.
3. As shown in the below picture click on More Gadgets and select Contact Form on the Right Side.

4. You can give any title such as Contact Me in the Title box and click save.

 That's all your contact form is ready on your sidebar now.

Just view your blog and you can see the contact form as shown  in the below image.
The contact form consists of name, email and message fields.

When a user sends any message through this contact form you will receive it directly into your mail inbox and you can directly reply to that message from your mail. Remember that the copy of message will be sent to each of the admins of your blog.

Error messages will be displayed when a user leaves the fields with star mark as the form is validated with javascript. This form doesn't have any captcha, however it is less likely to be attacked by bots.

I will post an article on changing the look of the contact form with simple CSS.
Now you can also create a separate contact page for blogger.

Please let me know your queries in the comments below. Thank you. Share it with your friends and do us a favour.
Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
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