Friday, June 7, 2013

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Know Facebook profile visitors/viewers, Real or Fake

 Most of you are very much eager to know who is visiting your facebook profile. Even I too wandering around the search engines to find any app that will show the number of visitors to my profile with their names. I think this is common for everyone because other social networks such as linkedin, orkut, wallpost have the feature that shows the visitors. But facebook doesn't have this feature. However there are some apps on facebook that will show you the profile viewers. But when it comes to your security these apps are not good to trust. Facebook also doesn't accept you to use these apps because of their rules.Sometimes facebook may terminate your account without any information to you.

Here I have listed two apps that claim to track your profile viewers.

Door Bell:

This app shows the facebook visitors to your profile but the stats are not accurate. The user has to click the door bell and this app will record the stats for your profile visitors. But this seems to be inappropriate.

This app was developed by John Arrow. He has been banned from Facebook for building this app against the rules and regulations of facebook.. This app is developed in such a way that it can track the accurate records of the visitors. In fact Facebook suggested John Arrow to delete the site, so that his Facebook account can be reinstated.
It is also said that is a scam. You should not use this app to track your profile visitors else facebook may delete your account forever.

Know the reality:

If anyone using any tools or applications to track the visitors of your profile is against the terms of facebook. Such persons accounts may be deleted from facebook without any prior information to the user, because the applications or tools are not owned by facebook.

There are some fake applications on facebook which claims that they would track your profile visitors. Most of those applications are fake and may be fraudulent. They may be owned by hackers. Sometimes they may contain virus. This virus may also effect your PC. There are some applications that will have the power to track your email id's from your facebook account. This will leads to get unwanted marketing mails into mail inbox. Sometimes hackers can also try to hack your emails. Just think that you run your bank transactions through your email and what if someone hacks your email account. So be careful while using any apps on facebook.

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Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
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