Saturday, June 8, 2013

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How to delete Facebook account permanently?

Most of the facebook users know that they can deactivate their account from settings. But do you ever heard that a facebook account can be closed forever. You might heard that facebook account cannot be deleted once it has been created. But here is a trick that will help you to delete your account permanently.

Is it possible to delete facebook account permanently?

Yes, you can delete your facebook account permanently. Most of them are confused with deactivation and deletion of facebook account. You can easily deactivate your account through your settings. Actually there is a wide difference between deactivation and deletion of facebook account. When you deactivate your account all your data will be same and you can reactivate it back later without losing your photos, videos and any other text. But if you delete your account your data such as photos, videos and all other data will be deleted permanently.

Steps to delete your facebook account permanently:

Deleting your facebook account permanently is not available in your account settings. But it is still available in facebook help. Click the link below and it will be redirected to facebook account delete page.

Click here to delete your facebook account permanently.

Note: If you are sure to delete your account then after submitting the above application successfully you should not login to your account till 2-14 days.

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