Saturday, May 24, 2014

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Can Blogging make money/Can I earn from blog?

how_to_earn_money_from_blogs As I was busy with my college life after long back I came back to you with a new post that will explain you about How to make money off your blogs.

We know that today many people are blogging for the sake of enjoyment and some to earn money. Because blogging has opened the doors to earn money by writing content. They earn money by placing ads on their sites. However it’s not so easy to earn through blogs and also not impossible if you have the will to do.

Why it’s so hard to earn from blogs and How can you make it possible to earn easily?

Yes! It’s hard to earn money from blogs when you expect overnight results. You have to stick to blogging if you want to earn from them. No one gets money in a single day/night. Some people might think that we can grow our income very soon through blogging but it’s not so easy. But not so hard if you are a hard worker. Here I have few points to discuss why earning is hard through blogging? Later in the bottom section I will discuss about the possibilities of earning from blogs.

High Competition:

There is a very high competition on web to sustain. If you want to be one of the high earners on blogging, you need to be more effective in your writing skills. You can see there are many bloggers on the web which creates a competition among them. So you need to have the skills that can beat up your competitor. But here you have to remember that you some times you may need the help of your competitor. I will explain this in my future posts.

Work Hard:

Working hard always helps you achieve greater in all aspects, so blogs. Hard working in blogging means you have to stick to your blog. To achieve greatest heights in blogging field you need to ensure that you update your blog frequently with quality content. The readers will increase only when you have the quality content. Quality in your content not only increase your readership but also it helps in achieving SEO. Your blog needs to have the good keywords to increase your page rank for SEO. However, SEO is different from what we are discussing here as this point sticks only to Hard Work that is spending your time and energy on blogging. Don’t expect more when you can’t do more. Because blogging takes hours of work before you see your success. The more work you do, the more money you can expect.

Make your niche to be perfect and clear and don’t divert from that. To get stick with your content blog about the content that you are passionate about.

Gain Followers:

Once you start your blog then start thinking about gaining readers. Gaining more readers or followers is also linked to the last point. Because you can have more chances to get more readership when your work hard to write the best content for your blog.

One more point that you have to remember is be positive. To get more followers you must get involved in blogging communities. Find blogs that are similar to yours and read them regularly. Send and receive emails with other bloggers and your readers. Readers will be happy if you respond to their queries. So keep responding to your readers. Leave comments on other blogs and say thanks to the authors. Participate in blogging communities and be active on all social networks.

Apply for ADSENSE:

After getting huge followers you can apply for google adsense. Google adsense is one of the most powerful ads that yield you high earning rates. But it has many trems and conditions. You need to be approved by the google to get started earning money with adsense.

Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
Hey friends, I am Bhanu Chander a Web Designer/Developer, Content writer, Freelance SEO analyst and a blogger. I am pursuing my M.Tech in Computer Science and Engg. You can contact me on for web design solutions at low cost with effective SEO.