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How Can Students Earn More Money.

students earn money

How many of you want to earn money while you study? Isn’t it great to earn money when you study? And it is also hard to earn money.

Everyone looks for short ways to earn money but hard work always pays. You might be heard about many youngsters earning millions a day. Why can’t you be one of them? Think it well, I am sure you will be earning millions if you are dedicated to your work. Nothing is impossible in this world if you try.This might be looking like an ad. It is true, everything lies behind your thoughts. Set your goals to earn money. Don’t waste your time and don’t let your studies go away. Study well and if you have enough time for other activities then just follow this article, you can earn money.

The main problem for students to earn money is “lack of investment”. Read this article on how to earn money without investment in my earlier post. This article is specially for students because students are quick learners and they only have different ideas out of their minds. Students instead of wasting their time on facebook and other sites chatting with friends and doing other activities they need to spend their time in exploring their creativities. You can start earning money through your blogs.

Some people might not having an idea of websites and blogs. They think what the owner of blog can get out of his/her blogs. But bloggers earn money from ads posted on their sites. Adsense is one of the tool used to earn money by bloggers online by placing ads on their sites.

Learn how to earn your blogs, freelancing and some other ways.

Creating apps:

If you have the knowledge of programming then just have a look on creating apps for mobiles. You can make android applications for smart phones for now to earn money from them. Create mobile smart phone apps for android and iOS rather than symbian and blackberry because they have lost their popularity with the evolution of android and iOS. You need to have a good programming knowledge to make apps for mobiles. You can also learn most of the things from the web itself. The only thing that is needed to learn new things is your interest to learn something new. There are some websites that will provide you the information on how to develop apps. You can learn these things from and O'Reilly Media.  You can get everything related to your app development from these websites.

After learning programming you can step into developing an app. The most common thing that comes into mind while starting is what to create. You have to grab an idea to start a project. For this you can search for new ideas on the web or you have think it by yourself. It is better to start with a unique idea. However it is not needed that your idea not should be unique when create a new app for the first time. Because you will experience the working of things. You can think for unique idea once you have created your first app. Don’t think about the popular apps and games that you see. Your app or game doesn’t needed to be a popular one. Because there are several people earning money with simple ideas. And at last I want to say you that your idea might be popular or not but in both cases you will learn something which would be a step towards your successful path.

Isn’t it a good idea to create an app for mobile phones?

Freelance projects:

If you don’t have programming knowledge then look for the projects that best suits for you. There are many freelancing websites you can get them on web. They hire many freelancers to work for them. Freelancing is a best job to find. You can pick up freelance projects to make pocketful of money. Freelancing websites provide all types of works. The only thing that is needed to get a job as a freelancer is show up your skills and confidence in your work. This is the only qualification to work as a freelancer. And now, finding freelance work is hard sometimes, when you don’t have skills to show up on your profile. But you can even try as a freelancer on some websites like Fiverr, Elance etc. You can show your skills and your talents to the world with these sites and get good opportunities in freelancing to start your career.

Learn web development:

With the rapid growth in the Information Technology it is better to learn web development. With the existence of websites and due to the changes in the technology now and upcoming future it is predicted to be growing in the usage of web products. Computers will stay forever in coming future due to the demands of Information Technology industries. So I recommend you to get in touch with web development.

As I discussed in the first point(Creating apps) you can learn web development from online resources. You can use and O'Reilly Media to learn web development or you can search for the things on google. After learning web development you can utilize your skills for thousands of ways in building a great career.

First we need to know how web development helps us in building our career. Just search google how facebook was started. You know how famous facebook is. You also need to know how it was started. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg. He has started this website when he was a student. You can know more about him on searching google. But here you need know how his simple site turned his luck. Today there is no person without an account on facebook who have enough knowledge of internet.

This is only a simple example on how to earn money with web development. Just try it and I am sure that you will earn much. Even Larry Page started a website from scratch and now it is a major and popular search engine called google. Remember that once google was not a perfect search engine and now it earns a lot.

Write Articles on blogs:

I have already discussed on a topic called introduction to blogging. You can get a free blog on blogger or wordpress. If you can afford some amount of money then you can choose premium blogs by hosting your blog on paid hosting sites. As a student you cannot spend money on hosting so I’d recommend you to use free blogging sites.

  1. If you are good at writing, then you should go for writing articles on blogs. You can write your articles on your own blog by creating a blog. To earn from your blog you have to setup ads on your site and they will earn you money. But this will take a longer time to earn. Because you have to gain many viewers to earn more. Getting too many visits to your blog takes much time. So you should take certain steps to get more visits to your site.
  2. If you can’t do the above thing then you can also write your articles to either big article directories, such as EzineArticles, or for blogs that will pay for writing contents. You can search for different blogs which will pay for writing content.
Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
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