Saturday, May 30, 2015

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How to determine what technology a website or web application is built?

Hello friends, hope you are doing good. In this tutorial I would like to discuss about the trick that helps you find out what technology a website is built with. Quite often I come across websites with good looking or good functionality, and wonder what technology was used to create such websites. You might have also had the same situation sometimes. Let's see what techniques are available to us to figure out the technologies or frameworks that have been used to build a particular website.
When I researched for the tools that helps to figure out the technologies I found few online tools and browser extensions. I gathered all the tools together to make it easier for developers.
Below are some tools for querying site details:


BuiltWith is an online application where you can acquire information about the technology used behind a website. You could also check the competitive analysis about a website with BuiltWith. You should enter website URL in the search box. Then the application responds with backend and front end technology details, along with analytics and business intelligence information for a particular website.


DomainTools is an application that offers a basic whois search, whois histories for domain names, cross-IP lookups, a Name Server Spy, a typo-generator, and dozens of other useful domain tools.
The popular domain tools, the site also offers a variety of DNS tools, such as ping and traceroute. They also offer WhoIs Lookup, WhoIs History, reverse Whois, Hosting History, Reverse IP, Reverse Name Server, Reverse MX. Their powerful search features include domain suggestion search. 
It also provide many of the tools at free of cost. However some tools have usage restrictions that require a subscription. Their subscription system allows you to get more points for the more money yu pay, and in turn the more tools you can use.




Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
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