Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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How to find fake profile pictures on facebook?

Usually I add every new person on facebook even though I don't know them personally. Sometimes I came across some people tagging me in some pictures. This irritates me a lot when people use tags even if I'm not present in those photos. I found some of those profiles to be fake after visiting their profiles. How?

You can find fake accounts on facebook by just looking at their photos. Usually most of the fake profiles will be named under girls. This type of profiles could be caught very easily when they put photos of different girls. But it is harder to know if their account contains only few pictures or no pictures. The method I commonly use to find fake profiles is
1. I just go to the person's wall and I look for their photos on their timeline and their profile/cover photos.
2.If there are some pictures that matches, then I compromise that the account is genuine.

However the results of this technique might not give you the correct solution but it works perfectly sometimes. Because you come to know that a genuine person can show their photos or some might not show and some people may also use celebrity photos. But a fake account will surely contain pictures of different people who are not celebrities or themselves. However we have a trick to know whether the photo is downloaded from any other external sources on the web. This will help us to know whether that person has uploaded someones photo from the web.

How to know whether a photo is downloaded from other websites?

 Here is a simple trick that gives you a clue from which sources a photo has been downloaded.
1.Go to google.
2.Search for images by clicking images tab on google.
3.You can see a camera icon on right side of the search box.
4.Click on the camera icon.
5.You will be asked to browse an item from your computer. So you need to download the image from facebook(the image of a person which you want to know whether fake or original).
6.Now upload the image into google which is downloaded from facebook.
7.After upload click search.
8.You are done. Now the results for that image will be shown.
If you find a similar image in the results then you can say that image is fake one.

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Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
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