Monday, April 1, 2013

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8 Tips to reduce load time of Blog/Website

When it comes to SEO loading time of your blog or website is very much important. All big search engines like Google, Bing are now considering the load time of blogs to give a rank. So as a webmaster or a blogger you need to take care of your sites loading time. Even the visitors look for speed loading sites when they search for information. Mostly visitors need good content but even if you have it and your blog's loading time is very slow then they may get irritated by waiting for what he is looking for. This will make your visitors turn back to other sites. In this tutorial I will teach you how to be careful with the loading time of your blog.

1. Avoid using images for template background:

 Images take more time to load. Hence your blog takes more time for loading. So it is better to remove the background images in your templates. You can use background colors instead of images in your CSS. Just remove the url of the image and place the color code in the background.

Example: background{color:color code here;}

2.Use less Social Sharing icons and widgets:

We know social sharing is very much important to get traffic into our blogs. But it is also good to avoid more number of social sharing widgets on your blogs because it takes more loading time. So better avoid Social Widgets where unnecessary. I don't encourage you to remove all your social widgets because meanwhile it is important for SEO to get traffic to your blogs. Just remove them if you think it is unnecessary or not useful.

3. Use Limited number of posts on Home Page:

If all your posts are landing on your home page then your blog will take time to load. So avoid more posts on your home page. 5-6 posts on your home page is more than enough. As I already told before more number of posts can take more time to load. This will make your visitors hard to wait.

4. Avoid using Java script:

Javascript makes your page to load very slow. Don't use more javascript in your code. Avoid using javascript where it is unnecessary. Don't link your scripts from external site as it takes long time to download the script from other site to your blog.

5. Reduce images on your blog:

You have to use images in your posts because pictures says a lot than the words. It is also easy for search engines to find your blog. But using more images takes long time to load. So here you need to think and follow before you use images. Avoid using more images if not necessary.

6. Reduce advertisements:

Many bloggers depend on advertisements to earn money though their blogs. This is the best way to earn through blogs if you have good traffic. But one thing you have keep in mind is that you should avoid using much number of ads on your sites. Try keep your blog simple and neat without using more ads. Because the ads which you place your blog are generated with javascript.

7. Use Read More Links on your Home Page:

Using read more links on your blog's home page will improve the load time of your home page. It also adds simple look to your blog home page.

8. Use Quality Blogger Templates:

 Last but the least one to reduce the load time of your blog is done by using quality templates. We look for good looking templates and apply them on our blogs. But keep in mind that all templates are not SEO friendly and some developers may use bunch of code to make a template. As we already discussed above usage of  large amount of javascript may take most of your time to load. So you need to use good quality templates for your blogs.
Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
Hey friends, I am Bhanu Chander a Web Designer/Developer, Content writer, Freelance SEO analyst and a blogger. I am pursuing my M.Tech in Computer Science and Engg. You can contact me on for web design solutions at low cost with effective SEO.