Saturday, November 17, 2012

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How to find out who used your computer in your absence

Did you ever want to know who is using your computer in your absence?
If you have any important data on your PC and forgot to lock it or any data is being lost then you can watch out what is going on your Personal Computer in your absence. You can easily find what someone is doing with your computer.

Here is a simple step you have to follow:

Go to Start and click Run and type eventvwr.msc

All events on our computer will be stored in three log files: They are Application, Security, and System.

These logs can be reviewed and archived.

Now we want to check what actions are performed on our system. For this purpose we need look into the System log.

So now click on "System" on the left column to get a list of events.

There you can look for a date and time which you want to know i.e., for example if you want to check what happened when you were not at home you need to select a date and time of that. Then your computer will be turned off.

Double click on the eg: info and it will show you the detail.

You can also use this log to see how long someone was on the computer.

Just look at the time the computer was turned on and off for that during that period.


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