Monday, August 27, 2012

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Earn Money Online Without Any Investment.

Hi friends,
This is great opportunity to earn money without investing a single rupee from your pocket. I have completed my B.Tech and searching for a job right now. I would like to chat online and blogging is my other hobby. You might think why all this self explanation about me. But blogging made me to think some different ideas to earn money. I am having some blogs and wanted to earn money through those blogs by placing ads on them. But I was not successful in earning money through blog ads. I came to know earning through blogs is very difficult. However there are too many people who are earning money online just through their blogs. You can find those bloggers on google search with keywords such as “Top Earning Bloggers”.

Why difficulty to earn money through blogging?

Blogging is nothing but sharing your ideas through internet with the help of your website. Here you need to have your own website and you have to write content on it. You have to write different articles on your blog and you will have to get readers to your blog. The more readers to your blog the more chances to earn more money. To get more viewers on your blog you should write interesting content that attracts your readers. Once a person visits your blog then he/she must come back to visit your blog again. Isn’t it harder to earn money in this way. So I want to share a trick which allows you to earn more money than that of blog.

How to earn money online.

Your question raises here is How to earn money online. There are many ways to earn money online.
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Form Filling
  • Ad posting
  • Graphic Designing
  • Paid to click Jobs
The above mentioned are some online jobs to be done to earn money. You can earn money sitting at home or from internet. Some jobs require internet connection and some other jobs doesn’t require.
Many people are  earning online while some people invested money and some did not invested any money. If you want to be the second type of person to earn without investment. Then there are only few chances to earn. After searching on google for online jobs without any investment I fed up and at last I found this on google. Now I am sharing this with you.

Beware of scams.

Many of them are showing interest to work from home. Because it is very comfortable to everyone to work. This is a good chance for scammers to earn money by looting people. Many people are being scammed by them. Here scammers are those people who want to make money by looting others. There are many people showing ads on different sites/newspapers saying “Earn Money Online From Home/Internet” They ask you to pay some money and they will give you some project to complete or they never give you any project. If they give any project to complete then there may be chances of escaping after you work completion or before that. You will come to know that you have been cheated when there is no response from them when you call them or their contact number might not work or they will remove their office permanently.

My Personal experience(I got cheated by a company).

I want to share my personal experience with you. I saw an advertisement on a newspaper and I contacted that company. They asked me to pay money to get a data entry project to work on it for 6 months. I was interested in that project and I found that project project suits for me to earn money while studying B.Tech. So I went to their office to contact them. They explained me about the project details and how much to pay them. I also asked few doubts that I had. They cleared all my doubts. They asked my bank account number so that they can transfer money to my account after a month when I earn after completing the project. Then I confirmed that they will pay me after completion of the project. I borrowed some money from my friend and paid it to them. They sent me the project to my mail id with all the instructions. I have completed my work and went to their office to check if any errors occurred in that. They have seen it pointed out some errors in that and asked me to remove all those errors then send that completed project to their mail id. After removing all errors I have sent them my project. I called them for money for that. They told that they will put into my account within a week. But after a week their phones have been switched off. I tried calling them for more 10days. But all their phones were switched off. Later I went directly to their office to meet, but they removed their office permanently from there. So be careful from those frauds.

Now start earning money safely.

With data entry, form filling and ad posting.

No worries.

Don’t pay from your pocket.

They only pay if you work properly.

Ways to earn with this:

  • Earn 20% of your referral's earning for entire ONE year.
  • Earn $0.12 to $5 (Rs.6-240) for each referral you make.
  • Payment via Online Transfer/Paypal/Check/Wire.
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  • Minimum Payment is Only $25.
  • Free Training to all Active Members.
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If you want to earn money through data entry, simple form filling and ad posting. Then here is a trick for you. You can start earning money with this simple trick. Click below image link to register now.
Author: Bhanu Chander Bathini (CEO, Tricks Town.)
Hey friends, I am Bhanu Chander a Web Designer/Developer, Content writer, Freelance SEO analyst and a blogger. I am pursuing my M.Tech in Computer Science and Engg. You can contact me on for web design solutions at low cost with effective SEO.